From mountaintop monasteries in the Himalayas to grand temples and their sublime inner sanctums, sacralized spaces in India abound with the teachings of ancient seers.


In Soma: The Yogic Quest, walk amidst the sacred sites of India and uncover initiatory teachings of the Vedas, Upanishads and Buddha.


The Indian civilization holds that there are four aims in life - virtue, prosperity, enjoyment and liberation. Liberation is also called 'Illumination' because this involves seeing deeply into the infinite nature of self and world. Self-knowledge is of two kinds, historical and timeless. And thought cannot reach the timeless. Therefore, Yoga.


The seers say that in order to know the immortal you must become the immortal. Yoga is the ancient human quest for immortality and illumination. The Vedic seers called 'Soma' that knowledge which illumines and liberates as it arises in the Yogin. The Soma which is effective, they said, is made with the visionary mind of a Seer and makes for a Seer.

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