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"Soma: The Yogic Quest is a truly outstanding film. Its a wonderful introduction to the major concepts found in the Dharma traditions, and their challenge to a conventional, materialistic outlook on life. The natural scenery and the explorations of ancient Indian temples are simply breathtaking." -- Jeffery D. Long, Professor of Religion and Asian Studies at Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania, USA.

"Absolutely brilliant film! Blown away by the script, the narration and by the concluding lines. Thank you for this stellar film." -- Vinita Agarwal, poet, curator, recipient of multiple literary awards, advisory board member for the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize, India.

"Do see this spiritual documentary by Pankaj Seth of Toronto called Soma: The Yogic Quest. It is powerful and lyrical and explains Vedic and Upanishadic philosophy through haunting images and narration. A must watch for enthusiasts of Yoga and Indian philosophy." -- Major General Gagandeep Bakshi, author of numerous books including Shaman: Roots of the Rig Veda which delves into Soma of the Rg Veda.

"Most exquisite! Thank you, Pankaj Seth. After having lived in Toronto for 25+ years, I decided to move back to Bali in 2017. Watching SOMA is like experiencing the 4 Vedas, all Upanishads and Puranas, finite and Infinite, the devatas, the elements, the whole cosmos in one. I'd like to share this with my Yoga Teacher Training students once we "start" again. Om som Somaya namaha!" -- Savitri Devi-dasi, Yoga teacher/practitioner, Bali.

"You successfully showed the history of the Yogic tradition without even mentioning it. People say Vedic and Buddha as two, but this film shows the integration. The non duality Advaita concept held every scene and the selection of natural sites was just beautiful. I don't have anything to say on the script, it is so awesome I can't tell you." -- Satyam Tiwari, Yoga Therapist and Scholar, India..

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