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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Soma: The Yogic Quest was ten years in the making, starting with the idea that a film on Yoga in the deep sense of the term was needed. A wonderful and very rewarding nine months ensued which involved travelling through much of India from the deep south to the Himalayan mountains.

There is so much to see in India and Soma showcases some of the most impressive sights one could see, not just in India but the world. Forty hours of HD Video and several thousand photographs later, after editing the footage down to seventy one minutes, writing the script and adding the narration, Soma was ready to present to the world.

I have been greatly heartened to see Soma receiving academic backing as well as accolades on its aesthetic vision. I couldn't be happier with the feedback that I have received and look forward to seeing Soma reach more and more persons. The film is slated to be utilized in University courses on Yoga/Dharma, in Yoga Teacher Trainings worldwide as well as for general viewing by a diverse audience. I am very grateful for all this, and wish to extend a special Thank You to all those who have shared Soma with their circle of friends and colleagues.

After watching the film you may wish to explore its main themes further and for that there is the Soma Study Guide found in my FB group Sutra... everyone is welcome to Sutra where you can go deeper into the study of Yoga and Dharma. At Sutra, you will also find terrific conversations on diverse topics which you are also welcome to join.

At Sutra, there are eighteen different 'Guides' which contain information on various Yogic and India themes. I will highlight some of those in the SomaBlog in a few blog posts, starting here with the images you see. The first image shows the themes of the 18 Guides. The two galleries show the titles of the 150 posts in Guide 13 • Yoga/Dharma: Fundamental Concepts and Guide 6 • Ayurveda, Breathing and Pranayama.

I hope that you receive inspiration from Soma and I look forward to perhaps meeting you at Sutra... Namaste.

Soma Study Guide at Pankaj Seth's FB group Sutra.
Soma Study Guide

Guide 13 • Yoga/Dharma: Fundamental Concepts

Guide 6 • Ayurveda, Breathing and Pranayama

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