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Video Course on Yoga Philosophy

This is the Deep Yoga I Intensive recorded in 2006. This is the first of 5 sessions, each of which are 75 minutes in duration. Session 1 is displayed below as 6 videos of 12 mins each. Sessions 2-5 are found in Pankaj Seth's Private FB Group 'Sutra'. Go to Sutra...

Participant Feedback
"Dr. Pankaj Seth's workshop, Deep Yoga I, is a tour de force of east-west integration. Dr. Seth has not only mastered the material to which he refers, but he has then spent time preparing his pedagogical approach to those materials; the result is a teaching that facilitates the comprehension of participants. His presentation skills are noteworthy."

"These talks in science and yoga (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, The Yoga Vasistha, Hatha Yoga Pradapika, The discourses of the Buddha, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Princeton University Engineering Anomalies Research, to give a few references) are accompanied by a supporting slideshow [175 slides] that illustrates in a detailed and comprehensive manner the ideas and facts involved. These ideas and facts are seen as relevant to one another and may be integrated. It is not that I have never seen this attempted before, it is that I have not seen or read of it being done on a scale of such breadth and depth--supported, as well, by a slideshow that is not only effective but aesthetically pleasing." - TCF

Deep Yoga Camping Trip, Lake Huron - 2007

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